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Request a Grooming Quote
or Price Estimate

You can request a price quote at any time be sending us an email and including the following information in the email to best help us determine how much your pet’s grooming will cost. Here is the information we will need:

Dog’s Breed

Dog’s Size/Weight

Dog’s current hair length

If seeking a (breed) specific grooming style

Last professional grooming (not necessary if it’s your first grooming)

If seeking any special treatments -
de-shedding, skin scrub, etc.

Phone number to be reached at 518.590.9966


  A full-service grooming includes nail trimming, shaving the pads of the feet, cleaning ears (and plucking when appropriate), cleaning/trimming sanitary areas, a bath, conditioner, blow dry, brush out and basic de-shedding, haircut and bandana. (Anal glands are done upon request at no additional charge.)
  A simple bath and brush out (with trimming only around eyes on appropriate breeds) is available for a reduced price for most breeds. Please inquire with your groomer.
  Tooth brushing is offered for an additional.........        $7.00
Nail clipping.........................................................     $15.00



  Animal House prices are competitive with other local grooming salons. The price of a grooming depends on the size and temperament of the dog, the condition of the coat, and the cut you are requesting. Please understand that it is difficult for the groomer to give an exact price over the phone without seeing the dog, as two dogs of the same breed may require very different amounts of work. We are happy to give you our best estimate and discuss any variations at your appointment time.
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    Email the Animal House  

The Animal House would love to hear from you! We offer quality and friendly services at an affordable price. We’d love to meet your special pet! We make our best effort to call or return emails within 24 hours. If you do not hear back from us in that time frame, please try us again as we must have missed your message.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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